Evelyn is the owner of BARE Fitness OC, She is a mother of 4 beautiful kids, her children inspired the name of studio. Before Evelyn became an instructor she was in culinary school but that wasn't her passion. She kept searching for her passion, one day Evelyn found a small studio in Orange and took her 1st class. One class was all it took, she was moved and inspired by the fast and effective results that pilates delivered. In the first few classes she noticed her body changing and experienced more energy overall allowing a positive shift in all aspects of her life. In 2010 after her 4th child she decided to go back to school and study Pilates. Evelyn has a background in classical pilates where she learned fundamental movement of the body and how to help people with injuries, she then went and trained under the top Lagree Method trainers where she developed strength, endurance and flexibility while becoming more educated on anatomy and muscle development.

Evelyn is well rounded in her training and ability to teach classes to all levels and takes pride in knowing that her teachers provide the same expertise. 

As owner of her own studio, Evelyn is committed to providing an enjoyable experience, similar to her very first class, while getting a transformational workout.